Scientific Organisers UOC Organiser:
Marina Mapelli, European Institute of Oncology, Milano, Italy

ESRF Organisers:
Max Nanao
Daniele de Sanctis

Keynote Speakers Dr. Cecilia M. Casadei, PSI Villigen, Switzerland
Dr. Michele Cianci, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy
Prof. James Holton, ALS Berkeley, USA
Dr. Przemyslaw Nogly, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Administrative Assistant Claudine Roméro


Aim & Scope

With the advent of the ESRF Extremely Brilliant Source and EBSL8, the upgraded ID29, macromolecular serial crystallographic experiments will become an even more powerful tool in Structural Biology. The expected increase in flux density will open new perspectives in the use of microfocus beamlines and push further the use of multi-crystal methods and serial crystallography at MX beamlines. The development of novel sample delivery devices for room temperature data collection will open up the possibility for time resolved studies, while new methods for radiation damage characterization and data analysis will be developed.

This user dedicated symposium is dedicated to attracting and stimulating exchange among ESRF Structural Biology users on multi-crystal diffraction strategies and serial crystallography. Both fixed target and injector based serial experiments as well as data analysis (see also the associated tutorials on fixed target data analysis by hierarchical cluster analysis and genetic algorithms) will be covered. It will furthermore be an opportunity to discuss new research directions which can fully exploit the unprecedented capabilities of EBS MX beamlines.