ESRF User Organisation

The User Organisation Committee (UOC)

As from July 2019 with two new members* elected by their respective user communities in June 2019:



The ESRF User Organisation Committee (UOC) promotes research at the ESRF by:

  •  providing a framework for discussion within the user community,
  • organising the Annual User Meeting,
  • awarding the ESRF Young Scientist Award on a yearly basis,
  • collecting users' opinions on all relevant issues,
  • providing a direct link between the users and the ESRF Management.  
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Anyone who has used the ESRF in the past five years is automatically a member of its user community and can contact the committee members for all relevant issues.

The User Organisation Committee, elected by the users, organises the annual User Meeting and conducts the day-to-day business of the organisation.

Further Details

* The meeting agenda and minutes of the UOC meetings are available upon request.

* The ESRF Young Scientist Award including rules for selection and attribution

* The User Organisation Charter

Former members

  • Alejandro Fernandez Martinez, ISTerre, Université Grenoble-Alpes, Grenoble (France)
  • Sébastien Merkel, Université Lille 1, UMET, Villeneuve d'Ascq (France)
  • Roberta Angelini, Sapienza Università, CNR-Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi, Dipartimento di Fisica, Roma  (Italy)
  • Paola Coan, Ludwig Maximilians University, Faculty of Medicine, Dept. Clinical Radiology, München (Germany)
  • Beatrice Vallone, Università degli Studi di ROMA "La Sapienza", Dipartimento di Scienze Biochimiche "Alessandro Rossi Fanelli", Roma (Italy) 
  • Chrystele Sanloup, CNRS-UPMC, ISTeP, Institut des Sciences de la Terre de Paris (France)
  • Bridget Murphy, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Ruprecht Haensel Laboratory, Institut für Experimentelle und Angewandte Physik (Germany)
  • Claudio Mazzoli, Brookhaven National Laboratory, NSLS II, Photon Science Division, Upton (USA)
  • Chiara Maurizio, University of Padova, Physics and Astronomy Department, Nanostructures Group (Italy)
  • Christian Kumpf,  Forschungszentrum Jülich, Functional Nanostructures at Surfaces (Germany)
  • Olivier Diat, CEA/CNRS - UMR 5257 - ICSM Marcoule, Bagnols-sur-Cèze (France)

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